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Census 2020

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CCAEJ is serving as the Regional Coordinator for the Riverside Metropolitan Area for the upcoming Census 2020 count. In this role, CCAEJ is doing outreach in hard-to-count populations and holding workshops in preparation for the decennial event.

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Why is the 2020 Census Important? 


The Census is much more than a head count. This decennial survey will determine how congressional seats are divided and how state and federal funding is distributed. Data collected also goes a long way to decide the support after school programs receive and what kind of needs working class, communities of color have relating to socioeconomic issues.

In our efforts, we are working in conjunction with the following committees and coalitions:

Inland Empire Complete Count Committee: The Inland Empire Complete Count Committee is the organizing body helping coordinate Census work across the region. Together, nonprofits, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses are working hard to ensure a complete and accurate count. 

Census IE: The coalition of nonprofit and community based organizations within San Bernardino and Riverside counties—was formed to assure improved Census count results in hard-to-count populations. All groups involved are currently helping working class families, undocumented residents, military veterans, and formerly incarcerated residents receive advocacy support and resources.

Our Mission
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