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What is Redistricting?

It’s the redrawing of district lines.

Every 10 years, the federal government completes the census and releases the updated population count. Then states, counties, and cities redraw the lines and boundaries, basically creating a map. Cities and counties separate into districts that correctly reflect the current population, have equal representation, and comply with the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 (protects against discrimination). These electoral districts are the geographical areas from which political representatives are elected from federal, state, and local levels. The residents of each electoral district vote for who will govern and represent them.

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Why does it matter?

Redistricting is about voting power at the ballot box. 

Where district lines are drawn determines where residents can vote and whom they can vote for. That voting power also helps with proper representation in a community full of residents, communities organize between elections and advocate on issues that affect daily life. The current maps drawn will determine the allocation of political power and representation at every level of government across the nation for at least the next 10 years. 


What’s Happening in Fontana?

Your representation is changing. 

Fontana is redistricting based on the recent 2020 census data that allows us to see changes in population including communities of interest, or groups of individuals that have common interests, concerns, and passions, who would benefit from leadership that can represent them. Community of interest includes the use of shared shopping centers, parks, recreation areas, roadways, places of worship, schools, shared language, access to city amenities, and historical circumstances. Currently, the city is proposing a map that divides the communities of interest in order to consolidate power, increase your cost of living, and ultimately silence you. This is damaging to all Fontana Families, but especially our underserved communities of color.


What is gerrymandering?

When district boundaries are manipulated for a particular political outcome or advantage. 

A forced drawing of electoral districts can give one group or party an advantage over another group, allowing politicians to consolidate power and exploit the community. Gerrymandering is an intentional grouping or dividing of people to keep politicians in power or prevent a change in leadership that could benefit you and your family. In 2017 Fontana used gerrymandering to prevent equitable representation in the city, and today they are trying to divide up the North and South of the City to keep you silenced. (See Map 102)

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Redistricting Meeting - Fontana, CA

Redistricting Meeting - Fontana, CA

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