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Building power through Coalition Building

We understand that it takes creating strong partnerships to create sustainable, healthy hoods. Our current bonds with labor, faith-based, LGBTQIA, immigration, and prison reform/abolitionist organizations allows us to work collaboratively to move us away from extractive systems of class oppression to build regenerative societies that puts equity at the forefront.

Statewide Coalitions

  • California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA): A statewide, community-led alliance that works to achieve environmental justice by advancing policy solutions Asian-Pacific American, Latino, and African American residents in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and San Diego/Tijuana area. The alliance combines organizing, movement-building, and strategic policy advocacy to advance its goals. Members and partners include:

    • Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)​

    • Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)

    • Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)

    • Environmental Health Coalition (EHC)

    • Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

    • People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER)

    • Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR-LA)

    • Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment (CRPE)

    • Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE)

  • Regenerate California: A partnership between the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) and the Sierra Club My Generation Campaign that pushes the powering of 100 percent clean energy across the state and the retirement and shutdown of dirty gas plants.

National Coalitions

  • Moving Forward Network (MFN): MFN is a national network of over 50 member organizations that centers grassroots, frontline-community knowledge, expertise, and engagement from communities across the US that bear the negative impacts of the global freight transportation system. MFN builds partnerships between these community leaders, academia, labor, big green organizations and others to protect communities from the impacts of freight.

Our Mission

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