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Policy Advocacy


We believe that those who are most directly impacted need to have a seat at the table. Our members know their neighborhoods best and can define the best way to create a healthy, sustainable community. We work with local residents to identify the issue; define the most effective solutions; and develop and directly advocate for those policies.

We are currently working on the following policies to ensure that community voices are centered in policy development on the state, county, regional and state level:


Indirect Source Rule

In May 2018, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) directed staff to work on creating an Indirect Source Rule (ISR).


Disadvantaged communities that have been plagued by indirect sources of pollution from warehouses and rail yards are now engaging with the SCAQMD in their rule making process to ensure that the regulation will strongly protect our health and air quality.


This was an incredible win for communities throughout the South Coast basin that had been advocating for years that industries needed to regulate their emissions. We are excited to continue pushing for zero-emission technology, clean energy, and access to clean air in our neighborhoods through the ISR.  

Advanced Clean Truck Rule

We need a strong policy to transform the truck market to rely on electric power, instead of dirty diesel. Recently, the California Air Resources Board proposed the Advanced Clean Truck Rule to bring more medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks to market. It’s a start but ultimately lags rather than leads the industry.

We are working to push CARB to implement a more ambitious rule that will roll out electric trucks quicker and in frontline communities where they are needed the most.

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