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Art in Action

CCAEJ X RCA X Akailah Byrde - Greene

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What this project is

The Art in Action mural project is a grant-funded art project to create a community mural at the CCAEJ office in Jurupa Valley.  This mural will aim to educate and reflect on what environmental justice means to the members of the Inland Region.  This project also will be a representation of issues including Social Justice, Sustainability, and Environmental Racism.


Our Partners

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Art by

A'kailah Byrd-Greene


A’Kailah Byrd-Greene is a painter from Southern California. She focuses on bringing a colorful and vibrant outlook to the way African American and Black women are presented in art while often manipulating traditional skin tones to highlight varying emotions. A’Kailah received a BA in Studio Art from the California State University of San Bernardino in 2019 and is currently working towards her MFA at Claremont Graduate University (2021).



One of the main focuses of this project is to highlight a local artist who has lived in the immediate area. A'kailah Byrde-Greene is a southern California native, and truly reflects the voice of local artistry and community.

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Ruhnua Clarke Architects

Community Partner

We believe that architecture is for everyone. That design should have a positive impact on its users. Above all, we believe that everyone deserves access to safe, welcoming, and engaging environments. We work closely with our design partners and their communities to make their vision a reality.

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Jennifer Dubon

Jennifer Dubon is an Associate Principal at Ruhnau Clarke Architects. She strives to design built environments that are considerate of their context and that positively impact engagement and well-being. Her love of nature motivates her to create moments that encourage curiosity and inquiry as well as instilling a sense of environmental stewardship. Her heritage surfaces in her manner of communication, her understanding of community, and her appreciation of craft.  


Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen is a designer at Ruhnau Clarke Architects. Her designs for the built environment are expressions of her innate artistry. Much like the natural state of her watercolors, she approaches design with an open mind as she believes flexibility and fluidity is key to creativity. Combined with curiosity and enthusiasm, she sees every project as an opportunity to share new insights and connect with the community. 

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