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Click the link below for details regarding the Bloomington Business Plan Specific Plan Project, a 213-Acre project being developed.


Registrations and appointments are currently available only for front-line health care workers under Phase 1A, Tier 1-3 who work within San Bernardino County. Do not attempt to register if you do not meet this qualification.

Satellite images show online shopping’s growing footprint

You might not see it each time you make a purchase, but online shopping takes up a lot of space in the real world. The number of warehouses built to keep e-commerce running smoothly is growing quickly, and they’re creeping closer to neighborhoods in order to meet consumers’ 

It is ‘appalling’ to see the increase of warehousing in South Fontana

At last week's Fontana City Council meeting, Fontana residents organized and spoke in opposition to three projects: Slover Warehouse, Sierra Avenue and Casa Grande Warehouse, and the Fontana Foothills Commerce Center.

City of Riverside Approves Changes to Warehouse Development

“I think this is a big stepping stone in seeing that local elected and local officials are more responsive to the needs of the community and are understanding that [the] logistics industry does come with some drawbacks,” said Faraz Rizvi, spokesperson for the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice.

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The mission of the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice is to bring people together to improve our social and natural environment. We do this by developing indigenous leadership, community organizing through strategic campaigns and building a base of community power.


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