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Jurupa Valley, CA – We stand behind the transparent processes by the San Bernardino and Riverside county Registrar of Voters to certify the elections results. Through the process of absentee voting, results take more than a single night to be fully tabulated. We urge the Registrar of Voters to count every single ballot and not rush a final tally without waiting for every ballot postmarked on the 3rd. By upholding the principles of fair and egalitarian elections can our communities be protected.

Despite efforts by the President to delegitimize the election results, we stand behind the legitimacy of the process and the absentee ballots yet to be counted. It is crucial that every vote counts and every voice be heard during this contentious election. No matter what, the voices of every American need to be heard and counted and their choice represented.

CCAEJ is a long-standing community based organization with over 40 years of experience advocating for stronger regulations through strategic campaigns and building a base of community power. Most notably, CCAEJ’s founder Penny Newman won a landmark federal case against Stringfellow Construction which resulted in the `Stringfellow Acid Pits’ being declared one of the first Superfund sites in the nation. Moving forward, CCAEJ is positive each of the new staff members, along with existing staff, will prioritize the voices of the community as we continue our grassroots efforts to bring lasting environmental justice to the Inland Empire.

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